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best christmas cookies

Linzer Cookies

linzer cookies with raspberry jam

Easy to make Linzer cookies made with hazelnuts and filled with delicious raspberry jam. Let me show you how to make simple yet tasty Christmas cookies.

Swiss Jam Sandwich Cookies (Spitzbuben)

Swiss Jam Sandwich Cookies (Spitzbuben)

These Swiss Jam Sandwich Cookies are one of the most popular cookies in Switzerland; they are called Spitzbuben. Consisting of one bottom and a top layer butter cookie, filled with some red currant jam. You can substitute the red currant jam with raspberry jam.

dinner ideas

Vegan Dumplings with Tofu (Gyoza)

Vegan Dumplings with Tofu (Gyoza)

These vegan dumplings are filled with Asian seasoned tofu and vegetables and should be enjoyed with the traditional dumpling dipping sauce. One of the best gyoza recipes ever – and I will teach you how to make them!

vegetarian carbonara recipe

Vegetarian Carbonara

Creamy vegetarian carbonara served with spaghetti and smoky mushrooms. Plus, a secret tip how to make this vegetarian mushroom carbonara sauce recipe smell like the original one with bacon.

french bread pizza recipe

Quick Baguette Pizza

A delicious baguette pizza which is done in 15 minutes. This vegetarian recipe is perfect if you are craving a quick pizza but don’t have time to make pizza dough. It’s also suitable to make ahead and serve as a party appetizer.

Essential Tools every Food Blogger must know

A list of must-have tools for food bloggers

Essential Food Blogger Resources

Do you want to start blogging or looking for blogger resources which help you to grow and maintain your food blog? Then let me show you what I use to make blogging as comfortable as possible.

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